Learn The Little Known “Down Under” Doubles Tactics That Will Transform Your Doubles Game.
Winning Doubles the Aussie Way gives you a powerful set of strategies to DOMINATE at doubles tennis covering communication, roles, specialty shots, poaching, the Australian formation and much more!
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Module 1: Team Communication in the Hotspot

In this module, you are going to walk away with increased self-awareness and partner awareness so that you can develop  a winning strategy on how best to communicate o the doubles court. In addition, you will learn the importance of communicating in the 'hotspot' and what to say to your partner on the change of ends.

Module 2: Prepare to Compete

Most players warm up for doubles by hitting down the line. That's they way it has always been done. And yet, the first ball struck on a point goes crosscourt.  This just one tip you will learn in side this module. One of the secrets to winning is preparing to play before the first ball is struck. You will learn how you can improve your anticipation and reactions by waking up the brain, and you'll leap into how you can  embrace 'crunch time' and practice with pressure built in so the you can have that winning edge in doubles.

Module 3: Roles & Responsibilities

Are you super clear on your roles and responsibilities in each area of the court. To play your best doubles, knowing how to play as the server, the server's partner, the returner, and the returner's partner is critical to success.  One big key is to know your strengths and maximize them all over the court. Plus, you'll want to learn how to minimize the chance your opponents will attack your weaknesses. This will help you determine which side of the court to play when you return and how to adjust your formations when you serve. 

Module 4: Aussie Doubles Tactics

This module is guaranteed to change your opinion about when, why and how to play the Australian doubles formation.One of the most misunderstand tactics in doubles is playing Aussie formation and you can really get your opponents out of their rhythm causing costly errors when you add this to your strategy. On the return of serve, learning tactics like how to "lob and split the court"can give you more tactical options so that you can  beat the better teams.

Module  5: Poaching Plus Specialty Shots

Almost all doubles players want to poach with more confidence and efficiency.  When to move, when to close, where to hit the volley are just a few of the questions players wonder about and it causes a lot of uncertainty and a lack of confidence without knowing what to do. ON this module you will learn the little 
known 'double poach' and 'diamond poach' tactic. Don't forget about mastering the angle volley either to play winning doubles 

Bonus Module: Mixed Doubles Tactics

Want to play better mixed doubles? Unless you are a natural or have a coach who specialized in mixed doubles., there is not a lot of valuable information out there to give you the tips and strategies to be successful. IN this module you can learn   communication tips that will provide a positive experience and environment for both you and your partner. You will learn how to play the score and tap into the hidden forces of momentum so that you can be the best version of yourself on the court.
Start: The Djokovic Start
Stance: Parallel Feet
Stance: Pin Point Vs. Platform
Trophy Position: Elbow The Enemy 
First Move: More Shoulder Turn 
Toss: X Marks The Spot
Toss: Less Extreme Toss
Pronation: Don’t Think About It
Swing Path: Comb The Back Of Your Head
Body Awareness: Kick The Leg
Finish: Dirty Diaper Finish 
Finish: Bend The Elbow Curl The Hand
Aim: Rainbows 
Aim: Safe, Short Targets 
Stand Wide For A Better Kick 
Stand Close To The T For A Better Kick
Serve Wide, Play To The Open Court
Serve T and Attack The Weakness
Body Backhand, Play The Weakness 
Kick Serve Trickery  
Kick High To The Backhand 
Dirty Diaper Drill
Alley Aim Drill 
Hit The Side Fence Drill  
Stand Outside The Sideline Drill
Nose On The Fence Drill
Pop The Ball Up Drill 
1/2 Serve Break Down
2 Part Finish
Bend The Arm Drill
Kick Serve Warm Up
Free Super Bonus
Match Play Video Analysis By 
Emma Doyle And Jeff Salzenstein 
YES! You have the opportunity to significantly improve your doubles game by getting the Match Play Video Analysis by both Emma and Jeff.  Each coach created and special bonus match analysis between two teams that play 4.0 and 4.5 feel tennis.  You will learn the strategies that work and this that don't work by watching these bonus videos. Often you can learn more by studying matches instead of playing since you see the game for a different perspective. 

You will also see the patterns that continue to show up for players tie and time again in the areas of technique, footwork  and strategy. The value of these videos is $97 but when you pick up Winning Doubles: the Aussie Way, this bonus is yours free

Once you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Match Play Video Analysis Videos, you can learn how Emma and Jeff see the game of doubles in a real point play situation. You can take this new found knowledge on the court with you so that you can practice and master the skills needed to play more consistently and confidently. 

I guarantee you will start playing better doubles after you watch these videos. The insights you will pick up in these videos is worth the investment of this program and these videos are free today. 

Looks at what one player, Lyn, has to say about Emma's doubles insights. 

"While I had heard of the Aussie tactic prior to meeting Emma Doyle, it was through her positive encouragement and specific teaching methods that my doubles partner and I absolutely love playing the Aussie tactic in our club doubles.  

Emma is a total inspiration. Not only did she have us connecting more between each and every point, she showed us the value of switching it up with the Aussie method. We now use it to put our opponents off of their game by taking away their favorite return, or by closing out a game when we are ahead. "
- Lyn Case, San Jose, California
4.0 Player 
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Impacted By Jeff’s Online Training...
"While I had heard of the Aussie tactic prior to meeting Emma Doyle, it was through her positive encouragement and specific teaching methods that my doubles partner and I absolutely love playing the Aussie tactic in our club doubles.  

Emma is a total inspiration. Not only did she have us connecting more between each and every point, she showed us the value of switching it up with the Aussie method. We now use it to put our opponents off of their game by taking away their favorite return, or by closing out a game when we are ahead. " 
- Lyn Case,  San Jose, California
4.0 Player
"Emma Doyle is a great doubles coach. My partner and I now make sure we communicate between every point. We notice what is working against our opponents and what is not and change up what we are doing accordingly. We now change up our formations frequently which really throws our opponents off (especially when we take away the crosscourt return with the “Aussie” formation). Based in large part on what Emma taught us, we are now playing MUCH smarter doubles and winning more matches."
- Doug Bloomquist - San Jose,  California
3.5 player 
"Its been well over 13 years since my first coaching season with the very astute Emma Doyle. Her teaching skills are spot on! Emma very quickly made an assessment of what changes were needed and how to make the greatest improvements to my game. She instilled in me positive thoughts & behavior which added strengths to my doubles game. Can't wait till Emma is back down under so that we can continue working together."
 - Rob Crosara - Melbourne, Australia
"Emma’s coaching was instrumental as for coach for over 10 years, especially in my ability to be a confident doubles player. Emma improved and refined my volleying technique, court awareness, movement patterns, different doubles tactics and shot selection. I also learnt the importance of closing the net after each stroke which allowed me to take my game to the next level by playing college tennis for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock." 
- Mikki McShane -Melbourne, Australia
Division 1 Player, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
"Emma's coaching helped me a lot, she is a super positive coach and encouraged me to always try new things with my doubles play. Emma was my coach on many tours overseas, where I competed in junior teams events. Emma taught me a lot about using different shots, especially the slice and how I could use it as an aggressive shot. As a team we learned different plays, tandem or also known as Aussie formation was one of my favourites. This play allowed me to learn about space on the court and also provide a different visual for the returning team. I found learning this play early in my career helped me be comfortable moving forward and being up at the net and definitely helped me later in my career become a serve volleyer."
- Tyra Calderwood
WTA Career High Doubles Ranking: #190 
"I learned about the joys of confusing your opponents and playing one step ahead of them by playing tandem doubles as a youngster, traveling and being coached by Emma while representing Australia as a 12, 14 and 16-year old. She inspired my love and enjoyment of the art of doubles which then served me incredibly well during my college tennis career in the USA. Playing tandem (Aussie pattern) or eye formation (or even starting on the same side and moving) is the best if you're looking to create trouble for your opponents and put them on the back foot from the get go!"
-Michelle Brycki, Sydney, Australia
Division 1 Player, Arizona State University
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Jeff Salzenstein And Emma Doyle
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