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Australian High Performance Doubles Coach And Former Top 70 ATP
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Master your doubles and drive your opponents crazy with your winning strategies
Imagine learning Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way a world class high performance coach with a proven track record of helping players play smart winning doubles. Plus, get added insight form a former top 70 world ranked ATP doubles players.

What if you could dominate your opponents by knowing how to master team communication, court positioning, poaching, anticipations and little known Aussie tactics.

Imagine if you had access to Winning Doubles lessons, strategies, and drills, that you could practice and master EVERY single time you step on the court.
What if you could finally get the Winning Doubles coaching that you've always wanted and that others will envy because you have the trade Aussie tactics secrets....  
You're Just Moments Away from Gaining Access to THE Complete System Of Winning Doubles Training So That You Can Play Doubles Like The Pros...
When You Sign Up for the
Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way!

Here's What You're Getting!

Component 1

Hotspot Team Communication

(VALUE $197)

In this module, you are going to walk away with increased self-awareness and partner awareness so that you can develop a winning strategy on how best to communicate o the doubles court. In addition, you will learn the importance of communicating in the 'hotspot' and what to say to your partner on the change of ends.

Component 2

Prepare To Compete

(VALUE $197)

Most players warm up for doubles by hitting down the line. That's they way it has always been done. And yet, the first ball struck on a point goes crosscourt. This just one tip you will learn in side this module. One of the secrets to winning is preparing to play before the first ball is struck. You will learn how you can improve your anticipation and reactions by waking up the brain, and you'll leap into how you can embrace 'crunch time' and practice with pressure built in so the you can have that winning edge in doubles.

Component 3

Roles & Responsibilities

(VALUE $197)

Are you super clear on your roles and responsibilities in each area of the court. To play your best doubles, knowing how to play as the server, the server's partner, the returner, and the returner's partner is critical to success. One big key is to know your strengths and maximize them all over the court. Plus, you'll want to learn how to minimize the chance your opponents will attack your weaknesses. This will help you determine which side of the court to play when you return and how to adjust your formations when you serve.

Component 4

Aussie Doubles Tactics

(VALUE $197)

This module is guaranteed to change your opinion about when, why and how to play the Australian doubles formation. One of the most misunderstand tactics in doubles is playing Aussie formation and you can really get your opponents out of their rhythm causing costly errors when you add this to your strategy. On the return of serve, learning tactics like how to "lob and split the court"can give you more tactical options so that you can beat the better teams.

Component 5

Poaching Plus Specialty Shots

(VALUE $197)

Almost all doubles players want to poach with more confidence and efficiency. When to move, when to close, where to hit the volley are just a few of the questions players wonder about and it causes a lot of uncertainty and a lack of confidence without knowing what to do. ON this module you will learn the little 
known 'double poach' and 'diamond poach' tactic. Don't forget about mastering the angle volley either to play winning doubles.

But What If Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way Don't  Help You Improve Your Game The Way You Want?

It’s simple. You’ll get a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee so if for some odd reason the Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way doesn’t help you dramatically improve your doubles game you can ask for a refund, and we’ll give you every penny back with no hassles whatsoever.

1 Year Money Back Guarantee For Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way


If you don't become a better doubles player who feels more confident after going through these lesson, drills, and strategies...

If you don't throw your opponents off guard with your improved doubles play, you can ask for a full money back refund.

You’ll get 365 days to try out Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way and see how amazingly well it works for you.

In the unlikely scenario that you decide that this program doesn't give you the doubles improvement you expected, simply ask us for a refund, and we'll process it quickly.

However, I am very confident that you'll breakthrough results with the doubles coaching inside Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way.

With our high performance coaching and playing experience, Emma Doyle and I will give you the direction and know how to have fun winning at doubles. Get our 50 plus years of knowledge and wisdom to guide you every step fo the way.

 Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way will be your go to doubles resource to help you get using Aussie tactics while mastering your communication, anticipation, positioning, poaching, and more.

Like I said before, if you're not happy with this program for any reason, you can send an email to our help desk, and we'll give you every penny back. You never have to worry about flaky customer service here.

You can feel at ease that we'll take good care of you.

Think about this for a second…if you really put your mind to it, studied every tennis book under the sun, watched every tennis instruction dvd out there, invested in coaching from world class players and coaches, and practiced for years honing your skills, then maybe, just maybe, you could follow an doubles program that could give you real results.

It would probably take over 25 years (like it did me) to unlock the SECRETS that I UNCOVERED that went into developing the REVOLUTIONARY Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you…it would be almost impossible to develop such a program on your own.

I know this because I realize what I had to go through and where I had to search to find the answers for you.

If you would prefer to:

Skip all that work...

Rely on the fact that I already did ALL the work for you...

Start getting results now with the proven and effective Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way program...

Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed for a 1 year...

Then this is probably going to be one of the EASIEST decisions you’ve ever made.

Get 5 Free Bonuses Inside
Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way

Bonus #1
Match Play Analysis

YES! You have the opportunity to significantly improve your doubles game by getting the Match Play Video Analysis by both Emma and Jeff. Each coach created and special bonus match analysis between two teams that play 4.0 and 4.5 feel tennis. 

You will learn the strategies that work and this that don't work by watching these bonus videos. Often you can learn more by studying matches instead of playing since you see the game for a different perspective. 

You will also see the patterns that continue to show up for players tie and time again in the areas of technique, footwork and strategy. 

Bonus #2
Mixed Doubles Tactics

Bonus #2
Mixed Doubles Tactics

Want to play better mixed doubles? 

Unless you are a natural or have a coach who specialized in mixed doubles, there is not a lot of valuable information out there to give you the tips and strategies to be successful. In this module you can learn communication tips that will provide a positive experience and environment for both you and your partner. 

You will learn how to play the score and tap into the hidden forces of momentum so that you can be the best version of yourself on the court.

Bonus #3
Overhead Domination

Fix your overhead problems with these valuable lessons. With great volleys and a reliable overhead, you can add a dimension to your doubles game that your opponents can't match.


*the drop step move to help you easily get back

*the back to front footwork pattern specifically for the overhead

*the best place to aim on the overhead

*how to recover effectively back to the net after the overhead

*plus more powerful lessons

Fix your overhead problems with these valuable lessons. With great volleys and a reliable overhead, you can add a dimension to your doubles game that your opponents can't match.

Bonus #4
Mike Bryan Interview

Bonus #4
Mike Bryan Interview

Get access to an incredible interview I did with 9 time world #1 ranked and 18 time Grand Slam doubles champion, Mike Bryan. 

You're going to absolutely love this raw, unedited interview where Mike and I go deep into how he and his brother trained growing up, how they practice now, the state of the volley in the pro game, what Federer can do to improve his volley and much much more.

Bonus #5
4 Day Volley Cure

Finally, the lost art of volleying has been solved with the 4 Day Volley Cure. This powerful 4 day step-by-step guide has been systematically created to give you a confident net game so you can feel much more confident at the net in doubles.

Get clarity on your grip, first move, contact point, swing path and finish to have rock solid volleys in singles and doubles. 

Learn how to handle the low volley, the high volley, and the wide volley so that you can feel confident with any situation your opponent throws at you. 

Start: The Djokovic Start
Stance: Parallel Feet
Stance: Pin Point Vs. Platform
Trophy Position: Elbow The Enemy 
First Move: More Shoulder Turn 
Toss: X Marks The Spot
Toss: Less Extreme Toss
Pronation: Don’t Think About It
Swing Path: Comb The Back Of Your Head
Body Awareness: Kick The Leg
Finish: Dirty Diaper Finish 
Finish: Bend The Elbow Curl The Hand
Aim: Rainbows 
Aim: Safe, Short Targets 
Stand Wide For A Better Kick 
Stand Close To The T For A Better Kick
Serve Wide, Play To The Open Court
Serve T and Attack The Weakness
Body Backhand, Play The Weakness 
Kick Serve Trickery  
Kick High To The Backhand 
Dirty Diaper Drill
Alley Aim Drill 
Hit The Side Fence Drill  
Stand Outside The Sideline Drill
Nose On The Fence Drill
Pop The Ball Up Drill 
1/2 Serve Break Down
2 Part Finish
Bend The Arm Drill
Kick Serve Warm Up

You Get When You Order Today!

  • Team Communication                                                             ($197 Value)
  • Prepare To Compete                                                                ($197 Value)
  • Roles & Responsibilities                                                        ($197 Value)
  • Aussie Doubles Tactics                                                           ($197 Value)
  • Poaching Plus Specialty Shots                                           ($197 Value)
  • Match Play Analysis                                                                 ($197 Value)  
  • Team Communication
    ($197 Value)
  • Prepare To Compete
    ($197 Value)
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    ($197 Value)
  • Aussie Doubles Tactics
    ($197 Value)
  • Poaching Plus Specialty
    Shots ($197 Value)
  • Match Play Analysis
    ($197 Value)
  • Mixed Doubles Tactics
    ($97 Value)
  • Overhead Domination
    ($97 Value)
  • Mike Bryan Interview
    ($97 Value)
  • 4 Day Volley Cure Guide
    ($97 Value)
  • Mixed Doubles Tactics                                                          ($97 Value)
  • Overhead Domination                                                           ($97 Value)
  • Mike Bryan Interview                                                             ($97 Value)
  • 4 Day Volley Cure Guide                                                       ($47 Value)

Total Value: $1,520

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Emma Doyle & Jeff Salzenstein
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If you want to dominate with your doubles game...poach like pro, know exactly how to communicate with your partner in a positive way, anticipate where your opponent is going to hit the ball, learn the "Aussie" formation, and more so that your opponents are caught off guard and your friends raving about your stellar doubles play serve...this is for you.

You're getting 5 major components and 5 free bonuses for a fraction of the real value  -- ONLY $97 bucks right now.

There's no catch... no gimmicks. 

Plain and simple...

You either love the Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way and everything it does for your doubles game or I'll refund your full payment.
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